erica vandersteen

Erica was brought up in a family of architects and designers and after graduating in three dimensional design she followed a career in Interior Design.  She has  worked with major design studios and prestige developers,  leading European and world wide furniture and fabric designers throughout the UK.  For over two decades she has established  a reputation for delivering high quality contemporary and classical interiors.

With an ability to engage with clients and understand their needs,  Erica creates warm and distinctive interiors with a simplicity of design and one where every detail is considered.  Natural materials and textures and the love of traditional craftsmanship are important in her design process and inspiration which is often drawn from her travels from Northern Scandinavia to East Africa feature in her work.  

Erica’s philosophy is to design for the person and the space, enhancing the architecture of the home, hotel or chalet in a way that reflects the clients individuality. 


karol munro

Karol grew up in an artistic family which forged her passion for colour, pattern and textiles.  The design influences from spending many years in Mallorca, France and later living in Greece, had a big impact on her creativity which gave her the understanding and natural ability to combine different styles in a carefree and colourful way.

“Colour has always been important to me - its part of my personality”

After working in London for a firm of well known designers Karol moved in 2003 to live by the sea with her husband and two boys - her surroundings being a constant source of inspiration in her work.

Karol enjoys working closely with her clients, reflecting their personalities and wishes, but at the same time injecting her own eclectic twist to each project.  She is known for her open, honest and artistic approach to design, creating comfortable spaces that are sympathetically and imaginatively designed.